Friday, August 17, 2007

Tough days

So the past couple of days have been tough. I nominated myself for the position of DC (I reclutantly accept). The duties of a DC are numerous and I feel unorganized and to help others....well, let's say I can do it; but I don't trust myself to stay on top of things.

I had no idea but it took all of the work time yesterday to put together the smartboard and the cart, now I gotta make sure it all works before my plan to use it next week for class. I find it difficult to make actual lesson plans, instead of an agenda. Hopefully as I use the SIOP google doc it will become easier.

So I just finished capturing and editing a how to video on embedding your google calendar into a contribute webpage, it was long and tedious. Jenn, Tonia, and Tom liked it so hopefully it works. I'm currently experiencing trouble uploading it to teachertube for an HTML code so I'll try others, but the link is

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Joseph Miller said...

Glad you took on the DC duties. While it is more work it is good that we have a technology leader in a content leadership position. Cool blog, I have to add it to my aggregator!