Thursday, May 12, 2011

Twitter 101 @ MRHS

Attended a workshop on Twitter yesterday. Mr. Howe is doing some great things both in his class and online, here's his outline for the workshop. He's got some things that I never new about. Not that I've used twitter much since I signed up in 2007.

Here are the main points I got.
1. To send it to a group chat use #keyword like #mathchat or #edtech
2. Ask for help from a group like #sschat - Howe asked about ways to electronically submit papers & if someone else had used a particular activity in their AP U.S. History class and how it went.

Monday, April 18, 2011

CPS training

So I actually finally gave my training to the math teachers at MRHS. I pretty much bombed it. I was far more unprepared than I thought - even though I started planning a month in advance. So here's my powerpoint.

I had the plan of
1) talk about what clickers are used for
3) And give the teachers time to interact with several of the different functions of CPS
a)Verbal questions using stolen web-based quizzes
b)Fast grade where the student clicks in their response from a given worksheet of questions (this is where I faulted because I didn't preload the correct responses)
c)CPS quiz/premade questions
d)pick a student at random
e)chart responses to measure performance both on individual and group questions.
3) Give them time to set up one of their own to use.

If you're reading this and want some more of the info I created email me at

Friday, January 21, 2011

CPS clicker trainer?

So in suggesting a training on how to better utilize the CPS clickers with powerpoint. I essentially was elected to give the training. Here are my thoughts right now:

1)handout of the instruction to create a ppt and use of CPS to record grade
2)show video segement from einstruction website
3)demonstrate to participants a live ppt questionairre
4)ask if there are any questions

Unfortunately our school only has the old school IR devices. so only MC style questions are available. Got a huge interest from the calc teacher who wanted a different method of review for AP exam!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CPS for ppt

just learned about how to use CPS and ppt together they actually have a nice tutorial at under online training tools.