Monday, April 18, 2011

CPS training

So I actually finally gave my training to the math teachers at MRHS. I pretty much bombed it. I was far more unprepared than I thought - even though I started planning a month in advance. So here's my powerpoint.

I had the plan of
1) talk about what clickers are used for
3) And give the teachers time to interact with several of the different functions of CPS
a)Verbal questions using stolen web-based quizzes
b)Fast grade where the student clicks in their response from a given worksheet of questions (this is where I faulted because I didn't preload the correct responses)
c)CPS quiz/premade questions
d)pick a student at random
e)chart responses to measure performance both on individual and group questions.
3) Give them time to set up one of their own to use.

If you're reading this and want some more of the info I created email me at

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