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August 21 & 22


Principals of Algebra, Algebra and Geometry


Introductory days activity


1)Students develop number sense and use numbers and number relationships in problem-solving situations and communicate the reasoning used in solving these problems.
6)Students link concepts and procedures as they develop and use computational techniques, including estimation, mental arithmetic, paper-and-pencil, calculators, and computers, in problem-solving situations and communicate the reasoning used in solving these problems.

Content Objective (Colorado State Standards to be covered):

1.1Demonstrating meanings for real numbers, absolute value, and scientific notation using physical materials and technology in problem-solving situations.

Language Objective:

Student Outcomes (what should students know and be able to do?):

Be able to explain why 25/5 is not 14 and what the people in the video did wrong.

Conduct an experiment to test the validity of the statement that our intuition is wrong.

Key Vocabulary

Supplementary Materials

Probability, Divisor, Dividend, quotient Numbers 25/5=14

LCD projector, Speaker, Laptop

SIOP Features


_Adaptation of Content

X_Links to Background

_Links to Past Learning



X_Guided Practice

X_Independent Practice

_Comprehensible Input

Grouping Options

_Whole Class

_Small Groups



Integration of Process








_Linked to Objectives

X_Promotes Engagement






Lesson Sequence:

Introduce that mathematics is more about how you explain yourself than about having the correct response. First show the skit of Ma & Pa Kettle. Have the student Think Pair Share about what they saw, if they think it works - yes, come up with another example; no, come up with a counter example. Have them report back to the class what they discussed and their samples (example or counter example). Then have the class debate what Ma & Pa did that looks correct, have them discuss why it sounds right, and why it truly is wrong.

Second, show the clip on numbers. Have them reproduce the experiment and answer questions about their results. Have them share with other class members their findings and discuss the possibility that changing your first choice would truly increase your chances of wining the car.

Technology Integration (equipment and strategies):

Integrate the use of laptop, LCD projector, Speakers and content on to show students that math is about how you explain yourself.

21st Century Skills/NETS-S Standards:

II. Communication and Collaboration

communicate information and ideas effectively using media

IV. Critical Thinking

identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigation

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Joseph Miller said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Too bad this does not integrate into the blog seamlessly. The part of the lesson I can read looks interesting. I suggest the following: (1) use the Google Docs publish option. A link is created that can be shared (pasted in the blog). Whenever you up date the lesson plan the link is automatically updated. (2) Use a document sharing service like It is free and can be seamlessly integrated into the blog. Readers can then download a word version of the lesson plan (if you want them to be able to).

It would also be cool to see the youtube videos you used. You can integrate those directly in your blog by copying the HTML next to the video (on youtube) and pasting it in the "edit HTML" portion of blogger.