Friday, August 10, 2007

Aug 10th thoughts

The past two days we've had the pleasure of Darren Kuropatwa as our presentor to the Global learners. He talked about how he personally uses technology to help teach his classes, you can see his blog at Our group has a blog at Darren presented a lot of information to our group - things like using flickr to have students see that trig is everywhere in their world, using and saving student presentations @ It's a little overwhelming all of the information that we have to process; however, Darren said that if you are doing all the work you're doing it wrong - make the students do it, make them the experts both on the content and the technology. The math department has a blog to help us discuss these topics it's I of course am trying to use this blog to organize my thoughts and feelings about what we're doing and hopefully get input from outside sources about similar ideas or help with my problems. I think that will be all for now.


Protsman said...

5291 old city building
day 1 board room (tue 14)
day 2 community room (wed 15)

email dave to go

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Just saw the video you recorded and published on YouTube. I remember you fiddling with your camera on top of your laptop. I thought: "Hmmm ... I wonder how much of this he's recording?" ;-)

Tonia Johnson said...

I think its key to remember that we can't and shouldn't be doing everything! I appreciated that Darren noted that his students were doing most of the work!

P said...

I'm a math teacher from Woodland, WA that integrates interactive technology in my classes. It can seem overwhelming because no matter how much you know, something new always comes along and makes you realize that you don't know it all. :)

If you enjoy using videos in the classroom, you might try mathcasts. They are a great way to give students access to you outside of class and can create a record of their learning that allows you to personally listen to every student and give better feedback.