Monday, November 26, 2007

Project ideas

1. Lowering the drinking age
2. Decriminalizing marijuana
3. Fingerprinting students for use in schools - lunch, book check out, fines, etc
4. Uniforms in schools
5. Curfew laws
6. Religion in schools
7. Off campus Lunch
8. Creationism vs. Evolution being taught in schools
9. Use of technology in the classroom (or lack there of)
Should students be allowed to use their phones during class?
Should teachers send tests to thier students phones?
Does background music improve learning?
10. Healthcare - private personal coverage vs. global governmental coverage
11. Immigration - various issues abound here

Students should be allowed to generate their own topics with approval of instructor and it be in the boundaries of a policital issue with statistical persuasions either for or against the position.

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Protsman said...
this was an interesting article that illustrated what I was looking for from the students. it starts off with the issue and the pros and cons with quotes from various Experts and then at the bottom of the page it asks if you'd like to participate in their poll and then the poll shows the statistical results. I'd like the students to have a more one-sided persuasion.