Monday, November 19, 2007

10 math questions

So I'm trying to use an idea from a book by Lynne Kelly called "Challenging Minds." The idea is to have students answer questions that may or may not have answers in traditional resource places. The example they use is "What is an Apgar test?" the problem with the question is that I found an answer on google, which I believe is the primary resource for most people; however,the idea is that if a student had asked their mom or a recent mother they would be able to explain what a Apgar Test is. So for an introduction to the research/persuasion project we thought it would be best to find 10 questions each for Civics, Statistics, and Persuasion. I'll post comments for some of my ideas.

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Joseph Miller said...

Interesting idea! What if you challenged the students to use their cellphone to get the answer? Text, web enabled, whatever. Learning new literacy and using available tools. Any thoughts? Probably not Lynne Kelly's intent, but she would have to acknowledge that it is a reality.