Monday, October 1, 2007


So I'd like to talk about teachers needing time to decompress. We always talk about wait time when dealing with our students, and how we need to give them time to process and learn the material. What about teachers? As a global learner i've been trying to put into practice all the things that were presented that I wanted to take back to my classroom. However, I'm finding that task difficult because I never let myself decompress about what happens during a day. Sure I reflect here and on my own when I don't have a place to write/blog; however, it never feels like enough. I've been working on my classroom management with several teachers in the hopes my student will be mature enough to use technology in a learning appropriate way, but they have trouble coming prepared, doing work, and treating books, calculators, desks, other students and the adults in my room with the respect they deserve. I saw it best when I took my classes down to the lab (where each student had their own computer to use) and helped them set up gmail, blogger, wikispaces, and gizmo accounts. They all did fine with the email (as far as I could tell) but the majority couldn't go further and I spent most of my time redirecting the technoliterate students away from other webpages and focuse on the ones they should be on.

Oh, well. This is mostly me just venting and looking for answers that possibly don't exist for my classroom right now.

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