Monday, September 10, 2007

Technical difficulties

So I've been experiencing technical difficulties lately. First in TAAT my students were mixed up compared to my class roster. Second, I've been (Thursday and Friday) able to connect to the wireless router in SW200 from the Math Laptop cart. Today I tried to move the laptop cart and the router into my room and found that none of the laptops, mine nor the laptops from the cart to connect to with anything greater than the comment of "limited or no connectivity." I'm still working on a couple of troubling issues regarding student participation and the clickers. For some reason I've got a hand full that plain hate the device and what it stands for, so they simply refuse to participate, and most of them are my better performing students. Very troubling issue for me right now.


Joseph Miller said...

Thanks for the heads-up with TAAT. I will take a look. We did some updates to the system in August and I did notice a couple of issues just the other day. We are going to try to work out a fix plan soon. On the laptop carts...has this always been an issue or is this new?

There are ways to give points for participation with clickers. I think that is one of the settings. I wonder if you emailed Steve from CPS if he might have some ideas.

Protsman said...

Joe, Dave and Gabe came to the rescue with the Laptop carts. Do you know how I might email Steve from CPS?