Monday, September 17, 2007

Been awhile

So it's been awhile since I posted. I first want to thank some of the teachers that personally work with me: Michelle Troch, Carmen Herrada & Annette Garcia. I was having some trouble getting my large (31 student) last block class to settle down, get work done and not distract others. I tried some strategies like changing seats, breaking up class activities, recording them and adding adults to the classroom. As painful as it was to get sick last thursday, it pushed Michelle to try some of her strategies (and some we discussed like no group work, no bathroom, no electronics and consequences) with the class and with that introduced I get to help continue the structure she set up and enforce those consequences.

I continue to have trouble with student access to computers outside of class. I sent an email to all of my students through the adams14schools account with an extra credit assignment, and only one of my almost 100 students chose to complete the blog post.

I did have success with my block two and setting them up to use gizmo's. They were alot more tech advanced than I thought and most of them completed 3 gizmo activities and quizzes in one class session.

I'm still not managing my time effectively to grade, plan, and post to my website. However, I did set my team up with theirs at Click here. We'll see how the rest of the trimester and year goes.

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