Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Collaborative Team project

So I've got a majority of the projects finally turned in, and I'm not sure if I didn't model a good final project or if the students simply missunderstood the goal of the project that Ms. Bucher, Ms. Enoch and I worked on. As a reminder, the kids were to choose a political issue, write a persuasive essay, find supporting statistics, and put it all together in a multimedia presentation in the form of a photostory or powerpoint. The 3 that did the powerpoint did great, listing sources and actually having persuasive text in their slides; however, the rest who chose to do a photostory really only had descriptive text and little to no persuasion or supportive statistics. I'll try to find two or three exemplars that I publish their work and maybe get some critiques from my listening audience.


Ms. Johnson said...

Hey Protso! sounds like a cool project...usually we learn more from these projects than our students do. It looks like your team is ahead of the collaboration curve. I want to plan something for the end of the term, maybe I should sit down and see how you are all coping!

Anonymous said...

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